Frequently Asked Questions

Are you insured?

Yes. We are fully insured with liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

What are the black stains on my roof?

The black marks on your roof are from an algae called Gloeocapsa Magma. The algae feeds on the limestone filler used in the manufacturing of your roof shingles. Decades ago roof shingle manufacturers changed the materials they used in making asphalt roof shingles to include limestone, which is why the black marks on your roof are a more recent phenomenon.

Will the cleaning process damage my roof?

The cleaning process we use will not harm your roof in any way. Our cleaning method conforms to the Asphalt Roof Manufacturers Association’s recommendations. In our six years of roof cleaning we have learned many things through experience and have used that experience to refine and improve our cleaning process.

Will the cleaning process remove moss and lichens?

Yes, your roof will be totally free from all algae, moss, and lichens.

Will my roof be clean right after treatment?

After your roof is cleaned, there may be a slight residue left behind. Once the roof is rinsed well by rain, which may take one to two steady showers, your shingles will be perfectly clear of black streaks. Any moss or lichens will turn white once they die and will fall off over time, depending on the weather. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your results, please call us right away!

How long will my roof stay clean?

We guarantee your roof will stay clean for three years. Most roofs remain clean much longer. The amount of sun exposure, how long the roof stays wet, and the amount of trees over it will determine how long it stays clean. It is not uncommon for a house that is in open space with no tree coverage to stay clean for five years or more.

How do you determine the price?

There are many factors that go into determining the price of roof cleaning. The size, steepness, and height of the roof are the most important factors. Please contact us to schedule a free quote.

Tell me about your price guarantee.

We will beat any competitor’s price by 5% if the following criteria are met:
1) A written quote of the competitor’s price is provided.
2) The competitor is a legitimate, insured business.
3) Cash payment is required at the time of service. We cannot take the risk of bounced checks or unpaid invoices.

Will the cleaning process hurt my plants?

The cleaning solution we use, if used improperly, can damage plants. It is important that we cover or liberally water vegetation that is immediately below the roof to protect against any accidental spray. We compare this protection to a painter using drop cloths in a home while painting: the drop cloths are not used so the painter can be sloppy, but are there in case an accident occurs. The cleaning chemical only remains active for approximately 25 minutes as it dissipates into the air and then rinses harmlessly off your roof after that time. We would not be in business if we damaged customers’ vegetation. Please feel confident that your plants are safe.

My friends had their roof cleaned and it looked blotchy or the black marks came back quickly. Why?

Many roof cleaners are using cleaners that do not totally kill algae, moss, or lichens. They also may be pressure washing the roof to remove the black stains, which degrades the roof’s longevity. When these alternative cleaning methods are used the roof will look good initially, but the black marks will return quickly and sometimes in a blotchy fashion.

Why do the black marks only appear on the north side of my roof?

The north side of your roof and any shaded areas of your roof encourage algae growth because of their lack of sunlight. Longer periods of direct sunlight on your roof prevent algae growth.

Will you use a pressure washer on my roof?

No, we do not use any pressure washers to clean roofs. It is easy to make mistakes with a pressure washer and destroy a roof shingle or remove the granules that are a key element in the protection your roof shingles provide. Pressure washing also voids the warranty of your roof if issues arise. If a company wants to use a pressure washer, even at low pressures, do not hire them.

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